RAPID novedad

New software or applications are developed to improve feasibility of  CTperfusion with independence  CT machine or individual correction after acquisition.  RAPID is a novedous system of analysis of CT perfusion that provides you exact volume of damage (core infarct) and mismatch (penumbra). It can help to standardise the method to figure out infarct core (irreversible damage) and according to this data and other as age of pacient, NIH score and segment of vessel occlusión evaluated to thrombectomy

iSchemaViem are working in RAPID to improve datas of  CT perfusion. This software is based on several experienced centres treating stroke and many cases of  stroke worldwide. Click and link here RAPID.

2_CT Perfusion image for Dr. Cardona

RAPID software provide important information about volume of damage and penumbra in real-time according with automatic analysis. (Information is standardised to several types of CT/MR equipes )

image cardona RAPID


RAPID can be used in MR studies. (DWI with volume of damage that represent cytotoxic edema or celular injury could provide us very significant information about stroke cases with unknown onset to predict  patterns of viability tissue  in the brain)


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